Friday, September 16, 2011

Are we temporally buoyant?

Watching an animation about the sea, I found it interesting that whales and other sea mammals move all the time. Even when mating or giving birth, they are in transit or at least in motion.

On the land, we can stay still in one place, and that takes less energy, too. We can move through X and Y axes, but we can stop or move backward, also. Sea mammals move in the Y-axis as well, but they must be buoyant to do so, and that requires them to continually move forward for stability, perhaps like a bicycle.

Could this be an analog of our existence in the temporal dimension? Are we temporally buoyant, always moving forward? Of course, whales can change direction, but nonetheless, they don't back up or stop in place. There is always momentum.

Time is often described as a flow with us being washed downstream. Perhaps there are also beings like crabs and starfish, beings that are not buoyant and can move or stay still in the temporal dimension?

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